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Free AwStats
Web Site Traffic
Monitoring & Analysis

  AwStats is our free powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically. It is included with our Advanced and Professional Plans.
Your statistics are gathered daily, sorted, and analyzed for presentation as graphcs and charts that make simple work of showing you when and where your web site traffic is coming from.  
  With just one click of your mouse you are able to see the number of visitors, unique visitors, days of week and rush hour hits, host list, most commonly visited pages on your site, search engine robot visits, errors generated, and much more!

Free Mailman
Email List Processing

  Mailman is an interactive, feature-rich mailing list manager that sends secure and SPAM-free messages to your list of recipients. Keep in touch with customers, church members, friends and family -- all with the ease of sending one message .
Mailman is "opt-in", which means that only users that ask to be added to your list will receive your messages. With full user management at your fingertips you may set permissions for specific users to generate mailings, set options, or even approve other members  
Please remember that we have a zero tolerance policy regarding SPAM. Also know that there isn't a single mailing list that you may purchase that contains a list of "volunteers" to receive unsolicited email. Please use Mailman and other mailing list managers responsibly.